24 | May 10

1 Kings 19:11-12

1 Kings records a struggle between Elijah the Prophet, a servant of The Lord, and King Ahab and Queen Jezebel, servants of the false god Baal.

Shortly after Elijah wins a major victory over the prophets of Baal and sees the people of Israel actually turn against them and slaughter them, Queen Jezebel swears death to Elijah. Elijah flees for his life.

It’s in the midst of the wilderness, where God is supernaturally providing for Elijah, that God and Elijah have it out. Elijah is despairing and depressed over his circumstances.

In the passage above, God shows Elijah that The Lord isn’t in earthquakes, fires, or wind, but a still, small voice.

Often we believe God is speaking to us through our circumstances, but here, God is telling Elijah the opposite. Elijah is so focused on the roar of Jezebel and the situation that he is in, that God shows him this awesome demonstration.

We can often have trouble hearing the “still, small voice” of God in the midst of our circumstances, because the cries of our flesh for things can sound like a five-alarm fire, almost drowning out any other voice.

We must tune out the white noise that our flesh and our circumstances can produce in our walk with Jesus.This is a season to clean our spiritual ears

A time of Spiritual tuning can make a world of difference in our communication with God, turning our prayer time into a true dialog.

How often do we leave a message on God’s machine, instead of waiting to hear him answer us?

God’s voice is often in the quiet, but He speaks time and time again.
During our times of fasting and prayer, listen for God’s voice.

If we seek Him with all our heart, that still, small voice will speak to you, and the voice of God will change our lives in ways more awesome and spectacular than we could ever imagine!