Pivot & Put a Purpose on It!

“Put a purpose on it. Put a purpose on it”.  When you find yourself beyond your understanding, you got to pivot to the purpose. “God, I don’t like this right now. I don’t get this right now. I can’t explain this right now. I can’t rationalize it right now. But if You started it, You’ll finish it.” There is power in the pivot. There is power in praise. And there is a purpose in your situation. God’s trying to pick a fight with the devil.  He wants to break some things free and shut some things down and get some things through. And He’s gonna use this. This Is from the Lord.

You are making a decision right now, a pivotal decision. You are gonna turn from running from this to facing this. You are gonna turn from what you don’t understand to the God who according to the mystery of His will has predestined, according to His good pleasure that all things work together for His purpose. You must remember you’re serving the God, who can take an instrument of death called a cross, hang on it, and then go down in the ground and come forth with Resurrection power and the keys of death, hell, and the grave.

I hear the Spirit of God saying, “Put a purpose on it.” I know you’re going through some pain and I know your past was kind of rough and you made a lot of mistakes but put a purpose on it. God, Will You use even the dumb stuff that I did to deliver Your purpose? This is bigger than you. This is bigger than what you feel right now. This is bigger than what your mind can fathom. This is bigger than what your heart can know. This is bigger than your senses. This is bigger than this setback. This is bigger. This is bigger. This is bigger. He called you. He chose you.

So, stop looking at what it was and ask God what He wants it to be. God wants to use the dumb stuff too. You can’t control it anyway. Spirit of the Lord is on you. If the lion comes to attack you, He will give you the ability to rip it open because the Spirit of the Lord is on you. And it’s a pivotal decision that you make when you find yourself in these disappointing situations where it seems like you can’t win, whether you’re going to believe that there is a bigger picture or if you’re gonna minimize God’s presence to the level of your understanding.

Right here, right now, let’s turn it around. Let’s turn it around and instead of trying to tell God what’s best for us and instead of trying to do what’s right in our own eyes, let’s turn it around. Instead of groveling in the guilt of things that are already over, I’m telling you, God uses the weirdest things about you. God uses that big nose that you hate and that little habit that you have. He uses that ’cause when He delivers you from it, you can be a testimony and He’s gonna use that too. This is from the Lord. How? I don’t know. I don’t know the plan. But when I don’t know the plan, I pivot to the purpose.

God Bless
Pastor Gary