Whose Report Do You Believe?

(Isaiah 53:1)  Who hath believed our report? and to whom is the arm of the LORD revealed?

The Bible says whose report do you believe? The very fact that it says “whose report” let’s you know that there are gonna be many reports. They’re all kinds of things being spoken about your situation right now. Which one do you believe? Some voices say, “You’re not gonna make it”. Some voices say, “Now that God’s blessed you, you’re gonna lose everything”. Some voices are saying, “Don’t rest in it. Don’t trust anybody. Don’t open up. Don’t receive anybody. Don’t embrace anything”. Some voices are saying, “You’re at your wit’s end. You waited too late. You should have done it sooner. It’s too late for you. You’re never gonna be happy. You’re never gonna be free”. There’s all of these reports out there. But then there’ this soft tender voice that says “You’re going to make it. You will come out. You will survive. It will be okay”. Whose report do you believe?  If you wanna know whose report you believe, look at whose report you repeat. You will repeat the report you believe.

Pastor Gary