Windows of Grace

(Hebrew 3:15) “…Today if you hear his voice, harden not your hearts…”

That’s not just talking about salvation. When you hear his voice telling you to have a better attitude, the reason it’s so strong, is God is opening a window of grace. It’s not going to last forever, That’s the time to obey not tomorrow, not next week, but right then. When that window opens, you’ll feel a divine empowerment, God breathing in your direction in a new way. You will have the grace to forgive, the confidence to step up, the power to succeed.


Too often we hear the still small voice, but we put it off. “I know I need to forgive, but I’ll do it later. I know I need to get in shape, take care of my health, I’ll do it soon. I feel this new passion, this confidence to step up and lead, I’m gonna do it one day”. The problem is that window is going to close. Don’t take the grace for granted, that is a destiny moment where God is making a way where you can come up higher. When you hear that voice, you have to step into it. That’s God saying, “This is your time, this is your moment”.

Pastor Gary